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Step 1.  Choose the amount of citations you would like to purchase.

Step 2. Check your email for a form you need to fill out regarding the information you would like us to include in the citations. Note – you will receive this form within 12 hours sometimes instantly during business hours.

Step 3. In 5 – 7 days we will send you a completed list of citations.

Step 4.  After you receive a completed list, make sure to purchase a tier 2 submission to increase the authority of your citations. Be sure to send us the list we created with your links so we know the exact order you want tier 2 submissions built to.  Thanks.


Features of Our Local Directory Listing Service:

✔ Best For Local GMB SEO  
✔ No Duplicate Citations Created
✔ Manual Submissions Only
✔ Local IP’s Used Per Area During Submission
✔ White Label Report Providing Login Info and Links.
✔ Citations That Are High Quality

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Citations


How do you submit the citation information?

All citations are created manually by someone going to each website 1 at a time.

What information do you need when submitting the citations?

During the submission process we utilize the following.  As a note all of this information will be asked after you order.

  1. Business Name or GMB name whichever you prefer
  2. Business address information
  3. Business phone information
  4. Business e-mail information
  5. Business owner name first and last
  6. Website – full url of the GMB page is needed
  7. Description – you can provide this or we can write a short one for you.
  8. Category – Please provide your GMB category that shows up in Google
  9. Company logo – Please provide a high quality logo of your business.
  10. Photos – Please provide additional high quality photos up to 10.
  11. Social Media Accounts – Please give us up to 5 social media accounts you would like us to add.
  12. Keywords – Please provide up to 5 keywords you would like us to add.
  13. Payment Methods – Please let us know the types of payments you accept.


How do I verify my citations are live?

You will receive a white label report that will list all of the citations that we have created.

How do you choose local directories to submit to?

There are an incredible amount of factors, but we have tools to analyze the industry and then submit to the most important citations based on the industry and location.


How long will my order take?

Generally it only takes 5 – 7 days, but it could take up to 11 days for larger custom orders.

Which countries does your local directory listing service cover?

At the moment, we submit to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.